Bai Liuli (White Snake)

Bai Liuli White Snake
Rarity3 star
Attributeshimmer icon small Shimmer

Buffs & Debuffs



Sear, Silence, Steal Buffs

Bai Liuli (White Snake) Basic Information

Bai Liuli possesses powerful buff steal and support abilities.
Incorporeal launches multiple attacks on random enemies (prioritizes new targets) with a chance of stealing 1 buff each time.
Shedding grants Bai Liuli purification and team-wide healing abilities. Bai Liuli randomly dispels 1 of her own debuffs and provides a small amount of healing to all team members at the start of each turn.

Recommended Sets

War Machine

War Machine Set x4
ATK +30%

Fiery Incandescence

Fiery Incandescence Set x2
C. RATE +20%

War Machine

War Machine Set x4
ATK +30%

master grove

Master Grove Set x2
HP +25%

Bai Liuli (White Snake) Abilities

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Deals damage to an enemy equal to 120% of ATK with a(n) 60% chance of inflicting Silence for 1 turn.

  • Damage increased to 105%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 40%
  • Damage increased to 110%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 50%
  • Damage increased to 120%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 60%

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Dispels a random debuff at the beginning of each turn.

After Ascension:

Dispels a random debuff and restores team-wide HP by 5% at the start of each turn.

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Launches 5 attacks against random enemies, each dealing damage equal to 110% of ATK with a(n) 70% chance of stealing 1 buff from the target and inflicting Sear on them. This attack prioritizes new targets and deals -15% damage per attack to the same target. Cooldown: 4

  • Damage increased to 100%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 60%
  • Damage increased to 110%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 70%
  • Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

Captain Ability


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