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A brief introduction

Dislyte Game Details

Dislyte is a pop-fantasy role-playing game set in a future urban world where mysterious forces and mythology combine, with a remarkable audio-visual experience.

The Miracles and mysterious places area all over the world, appeared out of nowhere. With their arrival came a slew of terrible monsters, ready to inflict havoc and ruin.

Certain people were touched by the Miracles’ sonic waves and gained divine powers similar to those of mythological gods. These new heroes, known as Espers, are really the only ones capable of defeating the monsters.

The Espers have risen to keep the world safe and restore order in this, humanity’s darkest hour. Can humankind survive with your help?


The past and the present merge! Watch ancient deities and fantastical monsters combat in ways you’ve never seen before. Ordinary people have been given divine power, transforming them into ‘Espers.’ Create your own team and go to war with the opponent.


Espers are awakened by gods from all over the world, including Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, and Northern European myths. Depending on who gave them the power, they take on various appearances and characteristics.


Take a trip to the funky part of town! With a unique gacha system, you may enjoy beautiful city soundscapes on every city street, uncover new sounds, and drop the beat.


Assemble the perfect battle-ready team of heroes. As you defend the city from the next attack, you’ll feel the rush of combat. Adapt and perfect your approach with each turn, putting your abilities and wisdom to good use to turn a terrible situation around!

urban design

Enjoy The Urban Fantasy

Do you like video games with the impressive 3D design in a fantasy cyberpunk-like world? You will love this one-of-a-kind gacha game design. This is also one reason why you should play the game on PC.

collect mythic characters

Collect Mythic Heroes!

Collect the all the mythic Espers (the characters/heroes) of the game Dislyte. All of them are designed based on the mystery gods of the real world.

build your own team

Build Your Powerful Team!

Build your own most powerful teams to defeat the bosses and all other players from around the world and compete for the top!

great soundtrack

Stunning Soundtracks!

With the fascinating EDM soundtracks during the battles, and even in the main menu of the game, you might love to play the game with your headphones ready because you will never stop playing it.