Celine (Siren)

Celine Siren
Rarity4 star
Attributeflow icon small Flow

Buffs & Debuffs


Dispel Debuffs, SPD Up


Reduce AP, Sleep

Celine (Siren) Basic Information

Celine specializes in controlled debuffs, particularly with her Sleep and AP reduction skills. Celine is also effective at removing the buffs.
Slumber reduces a single target’s AP and inflicts Sleep.
Debuffed allies can gain a dispel with Celine’s Sound of Nature.

Recommended Sets

Wind Walker

Wind Walker Set x4
SPD +25%

apollos bow

Apollo’s Bow Set x2
ACC +25%

Wind Walker

Wind Walker Set x4
SPD +25%

master grove

Master Grove Set x2
HP +25%

Celine (Siren) Abilities

image 35

Serene Melody

Deals damage to an enemy equal to 110% of ATK with a(n) 70% chance of inflicting Sleep for 1 turn.

  • Damage increased to 100%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 60%
  • Damage increased to 110%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 70%

image 34

Sound of Nature

Removes 1 debuff from all allied Esper and grants SPD Up for 2 turns. Cooldown: 3 turns.

  • Cooldown reduce by 1 turn(s)

After Ascension:

Removes 1 debuff from all allied Esper and grants SPD Up for 2 turns and DEF Up for 1 turn. Cooldown: 3 turns.

image 33


Deals damage equal to 80% of ATK to all enemies and reduces their AP by 30% with a(n) 70% chance to inflict Sleep for 1 turn. Cooldown: 3 turns.

  • AP reduction increased to 25%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 65%
  • AP reduction increased to 30%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 70%
  • Cooldown reduction by 1 turn(s)

blue cap acc


Increases ally ACC by 30%

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