Nicole (Nephthys)

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Rarity4 star
Attributeshimmer icon small Shimmer

Buffs & Debuffs


DEF Up, Invincibility, Recovery, Standoff



Nicole (Nephthys) Basic Information

Nicole is a support Esper who can revive and take damage for allies while granting them DEF up, Invincibility, and other buffs.
Spiral Strike allows Nicole to inflict Sear. Dead Man’s Protection grants Soul Guard to an allied Esper. Nicole shares damage taken by the allied Esper and can revive them. After ascension, Soul Guard also grants Standoff and Recovery upon revival. Spinning Wrap deals damage to all enemies, and grants DEF Up and Invincibility to all allied Espers while granting Soul Guard to the allied Esper with the lowest HP.

Recommended Sets

Wind Walker

Wind Walker Set x4
SPD +25%


Adamantine Set x2
All Allies start battle with a Shield equal to 15% of max HP. Lasts 2 turns

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves Set x4
Grants a 35% chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 turn at the start of each turn

The Light Above

The Light Above Set x2
Begins the battle with Immunity, which lasts for 1 turn.

Nicole (Nephthys) Abilities

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Spiral Strike

Deals damage to 1 enemy based on her max HP with a chance of inflicting Sear

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Dead man’s Protection

Grants Soul Guard to 1 allied Esper. When Soul Guard revives an allied Esper, Nicole immediately grants them Standoff and Recovery.

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Spinning Wrap

Deals damage to all enemies based on the caster’s max HP. Grants DEF Up and Invincibility to all allied Espers and Soul Guard to the ally with the lowest HP.

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Increases ally HP in Point War by 30%

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