Ollie (Osiris)

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Buffs & Debuffs


Invincibility, Recovery


DEF Down, Silence, Taunt

Ollie (Osiris) Basic Information

Ollie is a fighter Esper with support abilities, capable of preventing allies from dying.
Hookstrike deals damage to an enemy and has a chance of inflicting Silence on them. Salvific Judgements prevents an ally from dying when they take a fatal hit, granting Invincibility and Recovery; then casts Law of Duat on the attacker. Law of Duat deals massive damage to an enemy based on their max HP and the caster’s ATK while inflicting DEF Down and Taunt. After ascension, this skill also grants Invincibility to the caster.

Recommended Sets

War Machine

War Machine Set x4
ATK +30%

Fiery Incandescence

Fiery Incandescence Set x2
C. RATE +20%

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves Set x4
Grants a 35% chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 turn at the start of each turn


Adamantine Set x2
All Allies start battle with a Shield equal to 15% of max HP. Lasts 2 turns

Ollie (Osiris) Abilities

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Deals damage to an enemy with a chance of inflicting Silence.

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Salvific Judgements

When an allied Esper takes a fatal hit, grants Salvific Judgements to prevent them from dying, as well as Invincibility and Recovery, and inflicts Law of Duat on the attacker.

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Law of Duat

Deals damage to an enemy with additional damage based on the target’s Max HP. Inflicts DEF Down and Taunt to them.

After Ascension:

Deals damage to an enemy with additonal damage baed on the targets Max HP. Inflicts Def Down and Taunt to them while granting the caster Invincibility.

green spd

Captain Ability

Increases ally SPD by 25%

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