Dislyte Tier List

Browse across the list below to get everything you want to know about Dislyte Tier List. This list will give you a rough idea regarding where you should use your Espers, what the priority is when it comes to upgrading your Heroes, and a lot more!

Dislyte Tier List

5SupportS-S+A+SSS+S+S+Clara is an exceptional Support Esper. Her passive makes all of her healing cleanse 2 debuffs, grant Immunity if the ally has no debuffs, and turns any overflow healing into a Shield buff that lasts for 2 turns. Her A3 heals all allies by a percentage of her max HP and grants an AP Up of 25%, which can completely reset an offensive assault against your team and turn the tide of battle. She synergises with other Espers that need protecting or benefit from frequent buffs.
Gabrielle Njord
5SupportSS+A-SSS+S+S+Gabrielle is one of the most versatile Support Espers available in Dislyte. She can provide DEF Up, and Immunity for your allies, whilst applying DEF Down and ATK Down against the enemy team, making her insanely useful in nearly all content. Her high base SPD lets her initiate fights first, and can easily counter other Disabler Espers by stopping them from applying debuffs to your team. She's usable in nearly every team, and synergises with most Espers.
Unas Shu
5SupportS+S+SAS-S+S+S+One of four Legendary Shimmer Espers; Unas can be fast enough to move twice before any other Esper if built with SPD in mind. He dominates Point War with his high base SPD and team AP Up in his A3, which is usually enough to guarantee first turn for your team, so long as he goes first. He's excellent in nearly all content, gains SPD when enemy Espers take turns, and his decent damage coupled with his exceptional utility provides easy control of any fight.
Nicole avatar
Sally Sif
5SupportS-S+B+S+S-S+S+S+Sally is a Legendary Support Esper heavily focused on healing and cleansing debuffs. With her exceptional healing capabilities, health equalisation, Damage Reduction, and ATK Up, she trivialises most content Dislyte has to offer. Her sustained healing is best paired with a defensive team for maximum damage reduction, but she can also protect Fighter Espers with ease. Espers like: Donar, Ren Si, Unky Chai, Gabrielle, Hyde, and Ye Suhua synergise well with Sally.
Laura avatar
Lucas Apollo
5ControllerS-S+SC-B-S+S+S+An exceptional Controller Esper that can be obtained for free by clearing Spatial Tower Floor 100. Lucas can easily cripple enemies with his team-wide Stun, dispel, and AP Down, alongside cycling his own turns with his A1's AP Absorb. Lucas excels in Point War where his abilities make him a force to be reckoned with, and is best paired with Espers like Tiye or Unas so that he can take turns quicker to keep the enemy under his total control.
Lin Xiao White Tiger
Lin Xiao
4FighterS+SS+S+DS+A+S+An easy-to-build Fighter Esper, Lin Xiao excels in almost all content across Dislyte. Her unparalled damage potential comes from her Tiger Roar buff which increases her C. RATE to 100% for 3 turns and cannot be Buff Blocked but can be dispelled. She also has built-in utility with AP Down, SPD Down, Diseased and Bleed debuffs, making her an incredible Esper for a lot of content. Best paired with Espers that can support her, like Asenath, Sienna, etc.
Li Ling Nezha
Li Ling
5FighterS+SSB-BSS-SA strong Fighter Esper, and one of two guaranteed Legendary Espers in the 'Beginners Special' summon. Li Ling has an AP Down and damage based on the enemies' max HP that is great against Kronos and high HP% Espers. He is also a strong DPS in Point War, and is normally used as 'cleave' damage in a team.
Narmer Ra
5FighterA-SA+A+DSS+S+Narmer is currently one of the strongest DPS Espers in the game. His A3 can inflict high damage, provided that your team's composition and strategy is built or centered around him and his 'Burning Sun' buff. His A3's damage at 5 stacks of 'Burning Sun' ignores 40% DEF, making him one of the few Espers that can crush high DEF teams.
Ollie avatar
Chloe Medea
4FighterA+A+SS-B-A+ASA very strong Fighter Esper, capable of dealing massive damage to random targets, whilst also being able to steal buffs and inflict the Buff Blocker debuff. Chloe's A3 damage increases with the amount of buffs on her, so pairing her with Support Espers like Ye Suhua, Dhalia, and Asenath significantly improves her damage to insane numbers in most content.
Tiye Nut
5ControllerA+S-S-BDS+S+S+The strongest AP manipulator in the game; Tiye is unparalleled with her A3, which can redistribute up to 30% AP from each enemy Esper spread it evenly among allies. Her Captain Ability is the fastest SPD Captain Ability in the game, and if given enough ACC and SPD, she has the ability to completely dominate a battle.
Ye Suhua Shao Siming
Ye Suhua
3SupportSA+SS-CSA+A+A Support Esper which can only be obtained from the Ripple Dimension; Ye Suhua is an excellent support in almost all content in the game as she provides an ATK Up and DEF Up buff in one ability. She can also heal a single target with her A2, which also applies an Invincibility buff and a Recovery buff to ensure their survival.
Donar Thor
5DefenderA+SA-B-B-A+S+SDonar is a Legendary Esper that has abilities which provide exceptional defensive capabilities, with a DEF Up buff, Immunity buff, and a stacking passive called Thunder Blessing that increases his DEF up to 100%. He is strong Esper in a lot of content, but is naturally slow with his low base SPD. He's best used in high DEF teams alongside Espers that can heal, cleanse, or buff him further, for example: Sally, Clara, and Gabrielle.
Catherine Hela
4SupportBA+CB+SASS-An exceptional Support Esper with a unique cleanse passive that removes one debuff on all allies at the start of each of her turns, whilst AP Up boosting the team based on the number of debuffs cleansed. Catherine is exceptional at keeping your team alive when paired with Support Espers who heal your team, such as Sally and Chang Pu, and is great against 'cleave' teams as she can apply a team-wide Standoff buff to stave off death.
Sienna Gaia avatar
5SupportS-SC+B-C-S+S+S+Sienna is an exceptionally strong Support Esper. Her abilities not only buff up your team with an ATK Up, SPD Up, and increase AP with an AP Up; but she also has a chance to reset the enemy team's AP to 0% and Stun them, making her exceptional at making sure your team controls the battle and deals damage without contest. She's best paired with Espers that can manipulate AP or dispel buffs to make sure her abilities can affect the enemy, such as: Triki, Tiye, and Bonnie.
Triki Loki
5ControllerBS+D-DASS+S+A fantastic Esper for Point War. Triki's A3 can dispel enemy buffs, apply a Miss Rate Up debuff, and extend enemy debuffs which can easily cripple a team in battle. His unique passive deals damage to an enemy Esper who cleanses their teammates' debuffs equal to 30% of the cleanser's current HP, Petrifies them, removes all their buffs, and makes his attacks never miss.
Raven Odin
5FighterA-S+CC-B-S-S+S+One of four Legendary Shimmer Espers in the game, and the undisputed Queen of dispel; Raven can easily cripple teams in Point War that heavily rely on buffs with her A3, and apply a DEF Down debuff to let your DPS Espers run rampant. She pairs well with 'cleave'-like Espers, such as Biondina, Lin Xiao, or Narmer.
Long Mian Ao Bing
Long Mian
4ControllerSSB-CCSSSAn incredibly useful Disabler Esper; Long Mian is capable of completely controlling the enemy team with his Freeze, SPD Down, and AP Down debuffs. Coupled with his +20% SPD Captain Ability for all content, he is one of the best Epic Disabler Espers in Dislyte, and is frequently used in Point War as a Captain.
Ren Si Black Tortoise
Ren Si
4DefenderASBB-DS-S+SAn exceptional Tank Esper primarily used in Point War. Ren Si is not only durable, but he can deal strong Area of Effect damage with the chance to Taunt enemies. His passive provides a Standoff buff when he suffers fatal damage, resets his A3's cooldown, and gives him a chance to counterattack, making him really strong against 'cleave' teams.
Hyde Hades
5FighterBA+DA+A+B+S-S-A tenacious Esper that's extremely difficult to build; Hyde has the ability to slowly increase his damage through his passive every time a buff or debuff is applied to him, or when an allied is defeated in battle. Because of the wide range of stats he needs in his build, Hyde is not recommended for new players, though he can be difficult to fight against when built correctly.
Sander Set
4ControllerAA+S+AC+SB-AAn Esper regularly used as a Captain in Ritual and Sonic Miracles for his increase of ally SPD by 25%; Sander is a strong Disabler capable of powerful single target multi-hit attacks that can AP Down, SPD Down, and Stun the enemy; whilst giving himself a SPD Up buff. His damage increases with his ATK and SPD, so building him with both in mind can make Sander a formidable ally.
Tang Yun Six Eared Macaque
Tang Yun
3FighterA-S-C+BS+SCAThe Pursuit King; Tang Yun is a very strong single target DPS Esper, who can inflict insane multi-hit damage if you're lucky. His A1 has a chance to activate Pursuit which is a repeatable, uncontrollable attack with his A1 on the same target, and his A2 and A3 (requires a crit) both can activate his A1 to then activate Pursuit. A staple in Fafnir teams.
Fabrice Freyr
4SupportAA+C+SB+AB+A+A strong Support Esper with the ability to provide a team-wide Immunity buff and one ally an Invincibility buff which helps protect key Espers in your team. Fabrice can also provide an ATK Up buff plus increase AP (AP Up) of one ally by up to 100%, which is excellent for slow Fighter Espers. He is used universally across Dislyte, and can turn a fight heavily in your favour. Best paired with Fighter Espers such as; Lin Xiao, Narmer, Li Ling, Tang Xuan, etc.
Lewis Ares
5FighterAS-SSDS-BALewis is a single target DPS that is primarily used against bosses as he is capable of dealing insanely high damage. His abilities lend to building C. RATE and C. DMG, though he only requires 70% C. RATE at most as his A2 grants him at C. RATE Up buff for 2 turns. He also gains an AP Up with his A1 and an extra turn in his A2 if either crit, letting him cycle abilities really fast.
Asenath Nefertem
4SupportA+A+A+BCAA+A+A great overall Support Esper. Asenath's Recovery and Lotus Mark buffs make her a great addition to any team, reducing damage taken and increasing her AP to make sure she frequently takes turns to heal allies. Asenath's pro-active abilities are powerful when used in situations when you know damage is going to happen, but can be countered when timed wrong.
Pritzker Mimir
4ControllerSS+CCDS+A+SPritzker is a strong Disabler Esper that has an incredibly unique passive which extends enemy ability cooldowns by 1 turn if they're immobilised when he inflicts a debuff; regardless if they're his initial target. This synergises with his A3, that attacks all enemies 3 times and can inflict Stun on each hit which can extend ability cooldowns up to 3 turns. Pritzker is best teamed with dispel and Disabler Espers, like: Long Mian, Triki, Raven, Kaylee, Xie Yuzhi, Sienna, and Tiye.
Heng Yue Change
Heng Yue
4SupportA-A+CA+B+A+A-AHeng Yue is a great support Esper that provides a lot of utility to a battle. Her passive heals the lowest percent HP Esper on your team, dispels a debuff, and provdes a Recovery buff if that ally has less than 50% HP - all at the end of her turn. She also has a very strong heal and AoE cleanse in her A3, increasing in healing with each debuff cleansed.
Jeanne Gerd
3ControllerAAAD-AAAA+Jeanne is one of few espers that has the immobilisation debuff - Stun - in all of her abilities. Not only can she completely keep an Esper locked out of a battle, she has a dispel in her A3 which can help other Espers like Disablers and DPS to apply debuffs and deal damage. Her multi-attack abilities can be valuable when fighting Fafnir, alongside her dispel that removes Fafnir's Immunity.
Tevor Sphinx avatar
5FighterAS-B-B+C+A-A-S-Tevor is a DPS Esper focused around applying debuffs whilst dealing high damage situationally. Any Esper that dies whilst affected by his Neko-Curse has up to 200% of Tevor's ATK dealt as True Damage to the enemy team, and he also uses the same ability again on an enemy Esper if their HP is over 50%, meaning he can stack his Neko-Curse fast. He's best used in battles where enemies don't cleanse or have Immunity.
Jin Yuyao Queen Mother
Jin Yuyao
5SupportB-S-C-B-CSAS-Jin Yuyao is a Support Esper that currently has the highest base HP in the game. Her passive makes her immune to disables (Freeze, Stun, and Petrification), and increases her AP once per turn if a debuff is inflicted to your team. She's most commonly used in Point War, where she can transfer all debuffs your allies receive and apply them to one target, which can devastate enemy turn order in battles, but requires a high amount of SPD.
Unky Chai Yue Lao
Unky Chai
3SupportAA+AACAB-B+A unique Support Esper with the ability to reduce ally cooldowns; Unky Chai has a strong offensive-supporting set of abilities with his ATK Up buff, C. Rate Up buff, and a passive where if there's an ATK Up buff on an ally at the start of his turn, he can reduce their cooldowns by 1 turn. He's best paired with Espers that can keep ATK Up on allies, such as Ye Suhua, Sally, and Brynn.
Lynn Hathor
4FighterA-B+CASB+B-B+A single target DPS Esper that can sustain heavy damage with her Shield buff, stop debuffs with her Immunity buff, and dispel buffs from a target, all whilst dealing great damage. Her multi-hit attacks well-suited to battling Fafnir, helping to break the shield phase before Fafnir deals significant damage, whilst keeping herself alive.
Bonnie Eris
4SupportB+ACC-C+A+A+A+A high base speed Support Esper; Bonnie is exceptionally strong with an AoE A3 that has the ability to increase the cooldown of enemy abilities by 1 turn. She also converts dispelled buffs with her A3 into 5% AP Up for each ally.
Lauren Heket
3SupportB-A+C+C+AA+BBLauren is currently one of three Espers who have the unique ability of reviving an allied Esper. She can cycle through her abilities very quickly, as she gains a bonus turn with her A3, and can AP Up a target she heals with her A2 by 50%. Lauren is best paired with high HP allies that benefit the most from her healing and revive, such as Jin Yuyao, Catherine, or other high HP Support Espers.
Celine Siren
4ControllerA+AA+C+CA-B+A-A good Disabler Esper; Celine has the ability to apply an Area of Effect Sleep debuff and an AP Down with her A3, making her valiable in teams that deal single target damage. She also can cleanse a debuff from each ally and grant a SPD Up and DEF Up buff, making her one of the few Espers to grant a SPD Up buff to allies consistently. In the right single-target team, she can excel.
Biondina Poseidon
5FighterB-BBDB-A-A+S+A strong DPS Esper mainly used in Point War against defensive teams. Her A3 ignores 100% DEF if the enemy has no buffs, and her passive when fully levelled removes all buffs on one target at the start of her turn, which cannot miss. Couple this with buffs and her Captain Ability that increases ally ATK by 40% Point War, she can easily defeat an Esper on her first turn without issue. Best paired with dispel Espers such as: Raven, Triki, and Bonnie.
Tang Xuan Sun Wukong
Tang Xuan
5FighterA+S-C+BDAA-ATang Xuan is a DPS Esper that utilises buffs called Enchantments to deal various effects with his attacks. Switching between utilising his Enchantment buffs, to absorbing his Enchantments that grants himself a Shield and heals him for each enchantment absorbed with his A2 is key. Whilst Tang Xuan's abilities seem strong, in most cases, he requires really strong Relics to perform well.
Berenice Bastet
3SupportA+A-B-B-S+B+C+B-Berenice is one of the few Espers in the game who has an ability that grants a Shield to allies for 2 turns based on her max HP, with the extra ability to strengthen the Shield if the ally is already buffed. She also has an ability that can inflict DEF Down, and an ability that can AP Down the enemy - both multi-hit abilities which are extremely useful against Fafnir.
Eira Freya
4SupportA+S-AB-D-AB+A-Eira is a strong Support capable of controlling a battle with ease, thanks to her powerful utilities. Her A3 is a useful Area of Effect SPD Down and AP Down that also resets her A2's cooldown. Her A2 applies Brisingamen's Watch that grants a frequent AP Up and cleanses debuffs off an ally. She's best in content like Kronos and Infinity Miracle, where her abilities help control a battle.
Mona Artemis
4FighterS+A-AC-CB+A-AThe best Farmer DPS for beginners; Mona is an exceptional Epic Esper and available to all players from an early start. It's highly recommended to promote Mona as your first 6-Star as she not only can easily support you with her damage potential, but she will be your primary Esper for levelling up fodder in Story XP Stages for Star Promotion.
Melanie Medusa
3ControllerAA-SB-D-B+A-AMelanie is a strong Support Esper, capable of manipulating a lot of AP with her passive and her A3. Her passive stacks with her A3, allowing her to reduce up to 45% AP with her AP Down, and inflict Petrification against enemies that are under 30% AP. This makes her reasonably useful in Point War as an AP Down Esper to control a battle.
Freddy Fenrir
3FighterAA-A+A+D-B+BAA strong DPS Esper for early game players. Freddy synergises with being at low HP for his abilities; his A3 increases in damage if he's low HP, and his A1 can attack twice, have a higher chance to crit, and ignore DEF if he's under 50% HP. To reach low HP safely, Freddy's A2 grants ATK Up, and Standoff, which stops him from dying and keeps him at 1 HP; perfect for dealing insane damage.
Death Guard Hei Xie Chuyi
Xie Chuyi
Dhalia Calypso
4SupportB+BA+DDAAS-Dhalia is a Support Esper that is exclusively available from Ripple Dimensions. She is an all-round fantastic offensive Support, with an AP Up of 25%, C. RATE Up, ATK Up, and offensive buffs like Freeze and Stun to lock down an Esper. She's best built fast with some ACC, and paired with other Espers capable of AP manipulation, such as: Tiye, Unas, Clara, Sienna, Lucas, etc.
Drew Anubis
3FighterA+BA+A+DBB-A+A strong DPS Esper, capable of dealing incredibly strong single target damage; Drew is one of the few Espers that you get for free at the start of the game, who is useful in nearly all content. His low cooldowns, defence-ignoring damage, DEF Down, and unique chaining A3 that hits up to three targets if it lands the killing blow make him one of the stronger Rare DPS Espers around.
Anesidora Pandora
4SupportA+S+D-D-D-S+BAAn extremely useful Support Esper for Infinity Miracle. Anesidora is centered around her unique debuff called Pandora's Box, which after 2 turns detonates, inflicting a Stun (requires ACC) and reduces inflicted Espers' current HP by up to 50%. She can dispel buffs, and even activate her Pandora's Box debuff early with her A2 (requires ACC), making her exceptional at controlling an enemy team in PvE. Best paired with another Controller Esper like: Long Mian, or Pritzker.
Meredith avatar
Chang Pu Yao Ji
Chang Pu
3SupportAB+BA+B+BCCA really good Support Esper that can provide a lot of healing to the allied team. Chang Pu's A3 heals all allies and applies an Immunity buff for 2 turns when she reaches Ascension 3. She also has a strong single target heal with her A2, and has a chance to AP Down enemies with her A1. With her high healing and low cooldowns, Chang Pu is highly recommended early game.
Death Guard Bai Xie Yuzhi
Xie Yuzhi
Q Cupid
3SupportB+A-A-ADB+CB-Q is a Support Esper that is sometimes used in speed run teams for content such as Sonic Miracle, or Ritual Miracle. His A3 applies a debuff called Link, which connects two enemy Espers together. If either Esper is attacked, their counterpart receives True Damage equal to 80% of the damage. Q also has ATK Down and DEF Down, making him relatively versatile.
Cecilia Isis
5SupportBB+CB-DBBAOne of four Legendary Shimmer Espers in the game; Cecilia is rather difficult to use. She is centered around revival of allies, but she struggles to keep herself viable within a fight with her low damage, low base SPD, and long cooldowns. Whilst her Shield buff is not reduced in value over long fights in Point War, it can be dispelled which can still result in a loss. She's best paired with Espers that can control a battle, reduce her cooldowns, or utilise her passive.
Luo Yan Yanluo Wang
Luo Yan
4SupportB-SD-D-D-S-BB+A very useful Support Esper for Infinity Miracle; Luo Yan has the ability in his A3 to reduce the enemy's max HP by 30% and inflict Disease, making him incredibly useful against high HP targets, especially Phobetor's Followers in Temporal Tower and their Shield buff. He also has an A2 that applies Recovery, ATK Up, and a buff called Death Tome that revives an ally if they die with it.
Jiang Man Meng Po
Jiang Man
4FighterA+A-CD-DAC+AJiang Man is a peculiar DPS Esper, notable for her unique debuff. Her Netherbloom debuff that she can apply with her A1 and A3 requires no ACC to apply, and takes 5 hits to detonate, dealing damage equal to 85% of Jiang Man's ATK and has a 50% chance of inflicting Silence for 2 turns. Her debuff can hit high damage, but she can be easily countered by cleanse and Immunity.
Lu Yi Dayi
Lu Yi
4FighterB+B-CC+S+C-C-C+Lu Yi is a Fighter Esper, capable of hitting up to 9 times randomly spread among enemies, with a chance to inflict Bleed. His passive also has a chance to deal True Damage against an enemy, with a higher chance if he crits with an ability. Lu Yi is best used in Fafnir, where his frequent multi-hits can break Fafnir's shield quickly and deal decent damage, and is best built with SPD and C. RATE in mind, with less of a focus in damage as he needs to break Fafnir's Shield often.
Djoser Atum
4DefenderB-BBA-DB-B-B-Djoser is a Defender Esper with a set of abilities that focuses on survival and sustain. His passive stacks a buff called Bull Rage each time he's hit, increasing his DEF by 10%, and RES by 5% up to 10 times. Once he reaches 10 stacks, he takes an extra turn, which allows Djoser to utilise his A3 which consumes Bull Rage stacks to heal 5% of his Max HP per stack and deal extra damage. He's best paired with Espers that can increase his DEF, like: Ye Suhua.
Jacob Jormungand
4ControllerB+ADS+DB-C-C-Jacob is a Support Esper who is perfect for tackling the Ritual Miracle boss; Apep. His A2 is really strong, granting Fangs to all allied Espers which makes allies immune to Poison debuffs, and has a chance when receiving damage to inflict a Poison debuff on the attacker. He also has a Poison debuff in his A1 and A3, though his A3's Petrification doesn't apply to Apep, only normal enemies.
Zelmer Sekhmet
3FighterC-B-C-AA+C-D+D+Zelmer is a DPS Esper that has damage which is centered around debuffs. Her A1 applies a DEF Down debuff, and her A2 when it crits can apply a Bleed debuff. These debuffs vastly increase her A3 damage, which increases the by 20% for each debuff the enemy has. Because most of her abilities are multi-hits, she is used in Fafnir with relative success.
Falken Horus
4DefenderB-B+D+C-DBB-B-A Defender Esper with a unique set of abilities. Falken is centered around the debuff Eye of Horus which is applied by his A3. If an enemy with Eye of Horus attacks an ally Esper, Falken has a chance to counterattack. Falken also has a chance to counterattack using his A3 if he's attacked which provides high up-time of Eye of Horus. His main weakness is that his debuff can be cleansed or blocked with Immunity, but he can provide an insane level of utility to a fight.
Kaylee Anuket
4ControllerC+B-BDD+C+B-BA Disabler Esper with the ability to utilise her crits to activate debuffs; Kaylee is a difficult-to-use Esper. She revolves around placing debuffs if she crits with her A3 that gives her a C. RATE Up buff and inflicts Freeze, and her A2 which can inflict SPD Down and AP Down. Sadly, due to her high requirements and that she can miss against Wind affinity, she's has little use currently.
Taylor Hercules
4FighterB-B-C-C-D-B-C-ATaylor is a DPS Esper who has decent damage and a unique passive. His passive both stops enemies from reviving and grants him an extra turn when he kills an Esper. This makes him great against teams that use Lauren or Cecilia. His A3 also dispels all buffs from 1 enemy and grants him an ATK Up and C. RATE Up on kill. He's best used as a clean-up Esper behind another DPS.
Chalmers Idun
3FighterD-BS-SDB-D-D-Chalmers is an exceptionally strong single target DPS Esper. Being a Shimmer Esper, Chalmers' attacks won't miss due to affinity disadvantage which allows him to deal consistent damage. All of his attacks can deal extra damage based on the enemy's max HP, which makes him exceptional against bosses with high HP like Kronos or Apep.
Alexa Aphrodite
4SupportB-B+DDDB-CB-Alexa is one of the only Espers in the game that can reflect damage taken with her Kiss of the Nightingale buff. As a Support Esper, she has the ability to balance all allied Espers' HP ratios, whilst healing (based on their max HP) and reducing the cooldowns of the Esper that has the Kiss of the Nightingale buff, which is strong on an Esper that needs to get out of a tough situation. She's best paired with other Support espers, such as: Chang Pu and Unky Chai.
Bai Liuli White Snake
Bai Liuli
3FighterC+CC-B-C-C-CC+Bai Liuli is a DPS Esper that combines utility with average damage. Her passive cleanses a random debuff each turn on herself, and heals all allies by 5% on the start of her turn which can be helpful in keeping allies at full health. Her A3 attacks 5 enemies at random (prioritising new targets and dealing less damage to same targets hit) and has a chance to steal buffs on hit.
Leon Vali
3FighterD+BA+CDC+DDA DPS Esper with an exceptionally strong single target attack; Leon is used in high tier Kronos teams for his damage and advantage against Kronos. His Sear debuff on his A3 increases damage received by 25%, and also has the ability to 100% crit if the enemy is affected by any debuffs. He can however be difficult to build effectively and require powerful Relics.
Arcana Hermes
4FighterC-C+DD-DCB-BA Disabler Esper with the highest base SDP in the game; Arcana is a Disabler that mainly is used for dispelling buffs with his A3. He also has an A2 that can Stun an enemy and AP Absorb, and an A1 that can inflict Miss Rate Up. Whilst Arcana can be used as a dispel Esper, he is usually outperformed by Espers like Raven, Triki, and even Bonnie.
Li Ao Tao Tie
Li Ao
3DefenderCC+D-D-D-CC+B+Li Ao is a Tank Esper who blurs the lines between the roles of Tank and Disabler. He's the only Esper in the game that can apply the debuff Devour with his A3, which prevents a target from taking actions, being selected, attacked, buffed, debuffed, etc. He can also apply a Taunt and dispel all buffs on a target, making him semi-useful in Point War.
Brynn Valkyrie
3SupportB-C+CCD+D+C-C-A Support Esper that you start out with; Brynn is a Support Esper who deals decent damage early game, coupled with a little bit of utility. Her A2 grants all allies an ATK Up buff, setting up your DPS Espers to deal high damage. She also has an A3 which deals up to a staggering 300% of ATK to a single target that can Freeze and apply DEF Down, and an A1 that can inflict a SPD Down.
Bardon Baldr
3DefenderC-C-DD+DC-B-CBardon is a Tank Esper that utilises counterattacks to support his low-health allies with his passive. When an ally is hit whilst on low health, his passive gives him the chance to Taunt enemies as he counterattacks, once a turn. He also has a Stun built into his A1, but Bardon doesn't counterattack using his A1 and instead "attacks" with his passive.
Helena Helen
3SupportB+D+B-C-DD+DDHelena is a Support Esper that you start very early in Dislyte with. She can heal allies for a small amount of HP and is one of the few Espers who can grant all allies a C. RATE Up buff. Helena also has a dispel in her A1, and an AP Down in her A2, though she can be very fragile in battle. Her healing is easily overshadowed, and it's recommended to use Espers like Chang Pu instead.
Hall Hodur
3FighterDDD-C-AD-D-D-Hall is a DPS Esper that primarily focuses on dealing damage through Poison and supportive attacks. His passive allows him to attack alongside allies that have attacked individual targets, which deals a small portion of damage and inflicts Poison. Because of his passive, he's sometimes used in the Ritual Miracle Fafnir, primarily to help break Fafnir's shield.
Kara Serket
4FighterC+CD-C+D-D+DDKara is a DPS Esper that is centered around the Poison debuff. Her passive makes each of her attacks Poison the enemy (or extend if Ascended), whilst her A3 can inflict SPD Down and add an extra Poison debuff. Sadly, Poison teams are not well supported in Dislyte at the moment, and their potential is stifled by the prevalence of cleanse and Immunity, making Kara weak in battle.
David Jason
3FighterD-D-D-D-BD-D+D+David is a DPS Esper that doesn't fit the DPS role. He has built-in utility through his passive which when David is immobilised (Freeze, Stun, and Petrification), he can dispel a debuff from himself and Taunt a random enemy. He also has a Stun in his A3 which can be helpful, but his abilities and multipliers are more akin to a Tank, rather than a DPS.
Layla Medjed
3FighterDCD-C+DDD-DAs a DPS Esper, Layla can deal increased damage to an enemy if they're affected by a Poison debuff. Her A3 attacks all enemies twice and can Poison, which subsequently sets up her A2 that deals 100% bonus damage to Poisoned targets. It also transfers 1 debuff all allies to an enemy and inflicts Diseased, though sadly, Poison-oriented teams have little potential.

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