Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei)

Death Guard Hei Xie Chuyi
Rarity4 star
Attributeflow icon small Flow

Buffs & Debuffs




DEF Down, Sear, SPD Down

Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei) Basic Information

Xie Chuyi is a Fighter who can inflict Sear, reduce all enemy SPD, and increase his own C. RATE.
Spirit Dispel allows Xie Chuyi to inflict Sear on the target, and his damage is further increased when Xie Yuzhi is present.
Dead End slows all enemies. Upon ascension, he can deal massive damage to immobilized targets when Xie Yuzhi is present.
Netherworld Hurl increases his own C. RATE and inflicts DEF Down while dealing multiple hits.

Recommended Sets

War Machine

War Machine Set x4
ATK +30%

Fiery Incandescence

Fiery Incandescence Set x2
C. RATE +20%

War Machine

War Machine Set x4
ATK +30%

Sword Avatara

Sword Avatara Set x2
Grants a 25% chance of using Counterattack upon taking damage

Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei) Abilities

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Spirit Dispel

Attacks an enemy twice, each dealing damage equal to 60% of ATK with a(n) 40% chance of inflicting Sear for 2 turns. If Xie Yuzhi is present then the strike deals extra damage equal to 5% of the target’s max HP, up to 60% of ATK.

  • Damage increased to 45%
  • Damage increased to 50%
  • Damage increased to 55%
  • Damage increased to 60%

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Dead End

Attacks all enemy twice, each dealing damage equal to 45% of ATK, with a(n) 40% chance of inflicting SPD Down for 2 turns. If Xie Yuzhi is present, this ability deals 2 additional attacks with the same status effect applied. Cooldown: 3 turns.

  • Damage increased to 40%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 40%
  • Damage increased to 45%
  • Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

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Netherworld Hurl

Grants C. RATE Up for 2 turns, then attacks an enemy 3 times, each dealing damage equal to 80% of ATK, and inflicts DEF Down for 2 turns. Cooldown: 3 turns.

  • Damage increased to 70%
  • Damage increased to 75%
  • Damage increased to 80%
  • Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

red atk captain ability


Increases all ATK in Ritual and Sonic Miracles by 30%

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