Leon (Vali)

Leon Vali
Rarity3 star
Attributeflow icon small Flow

Buffs & Debuffs



Diseased, Sear, Transfer Debuffs

Leon (Vali) Basic Information

Leon is a strong DPS Esper who can use his attacks to transfer debuffs around the field.
Each of Leon’s attacks will transfer a debuff (if any) on Leon to the target beforehand. Furthermore an attack with Deadly Sear will have a vastly greater chance of inflicting a critical if the target is debuffed.

Recommended Sets

War Machine

War Machine Set x4
ATK +30%

Fiery Incandescence

Fiery Incandescence Set x2
C. RATE +20%

War Machine

War Machine Set x4
ATK +30%

Sword Avatara

Sword Avatara Set x2
Grants a 25% chance of using Counterattack upon taking damage

Leon (Vali) Abilities

image 23


Deals damage equal to 140% of ATK to an enemy with a(n) 100% chance of inflicting Diseased for 2 turns.

  • Damage increased to 130%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 70%
  • Damage increased to 140%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 80%
  • Trigger Chance increased to 100%

image 22

Eye for an Eye

Transfers 1 debuff(s), if any, from Vali to the target each time before he attacks.

image 21


Deals damage equal to 300% of ATK to an enemy and inflicts Sear for 2 turns. Cooldown: 4 turns.

  • Damage increased to 260%
  • Damage increased to 270%
  • Damage increased to 280%
  • Damage increased to 290%
  • Damage increased to 300%

After Ascension:

Deals damage equal to 250% of ATK to an enemy and inflicts Sear for 2 turns. This attack is 100% more likely to trigger a Crit if the target is affected by any debuffs.

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Captain Ability

Increases ally C. RATE by 15%.

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