Fabrice (Freyr)

Fabrice Freyr
Rarity4 star
Attributewind icon small Wind

Buffs & Debuffs


AP Up, ATK Up, Immunity, Invincibility, Recovery


Fabrice (Freyr) Basic Information

Fabrice is the complete package of a support Esper with access to ATK, healing, immunity, invincibility, and AP buffs.
Fabrice’s Autumn Butterflies briefly confers invincibility on a single ally and more broadly grants the entire team immunity.
Love Sonata immediately restores an ally’s AP turn alongside an ATK Up buff.

Recommended Sets

Wind Walker

Wind Walker Set x4
SPD +25%


Adamantine Set x2
All Allies start battle with a Shield equal to 15% of max HP. Lasts 2 turns

Wind Walker

Wind Walker Set x4
SPD +25%

master grove

Master Grove Set x2
HP +25%

Fabrice (Freyr) Abilities

image 41

Glorious Aura

Deals damage to 1 enemy equal to 110% of ATK, and grants Recovery to whichever teammate has the least HP for 1 turn.

  • Damage increased to 95%
  • Damage increased to 100%
  • Damage increased to 105%
  • Damage increased to 110%

image 40

Love Sonata

Grants 1 teammate 100% AP. Cooldown: 3 turns.

  • Grants target 60% AP
  • Grants target 80% AP
  • Grants target 100% AP
  • Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

After Ascension:

Grants a teammate 50% AP, as well as ATK Up for 2 turns.

image 39

Autumn Butterflies

Grants Invincibility to a teammate for 1 turn, and Immunity to all allied Espers for 2 turns. Cooldown: 3 turns.

  • Cooldown reduced by 1 turn(s)

captain resist green


Increases ally RESIST by 30%

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